GBX CEO FORTnightly Message – 05/10/18

CEO FORTnightly Message – 05/10/18


I have been back in Gibraltar for the last two weeks, continuing to develop our ecosystem both here and further afield. Our work with the Global Securities Protocol (GSP), a subject that I touched upon in my last update, is particularly relevant.


The GSP project is our technology subsidiary that is looking to bring together the advancements of blockchain and tokenised securities with the traditional financial world. It aims to radically transform the capital markets with Distributed Ledger Technology. Members of our senior executive team shall this weekend be returning from a global summit in New Zealand, where we shared ideas with some of the world’s other leading figures in the token securities world on how best to drive the industry forward. Recent announcements believe that the value of blockchain technology, when aligned with security tokens, will reach 10% of global GDP – roughly $8 trillion – within the next 6 years. Think about that for a moment, and consider where we are now. With an international effort that is collaborative, not competitive, there is no limit to what can be achieved. These are exciting times.


I look forward to sharing further developments on how the GSP matters to you, our Community, as soon as possible.


In the meantime, we have been hard at work as always at the GBX, delivering on our planned roadmap to provide an institutional-grade ecosystem for the crypto space. Here is what we have been up to recently:


1 – DAX Listing Announcement: Bluzelle

We are very excited that Bluzelle has come to list on the GBX-DAX, and amongst other pairings, utilise our fiat-onboarding capabilities with USD. You can learn more about Bluzelle and their work, plus the details of their listing here:


2 – Referral Programme Roll-out

The final touches are being made to our GBX Rewards Programme, and the roll-out has commenced so you can now begin referring your friends! It is our way of giving back to our supportive FORTs and ROCKers while introducing new users to our community. You can find all the details of our GBX Rewards programme here:


3 – Sponsor Firm Summit Asia

The GBX team held a Summit for our Sponsor Firms based in (and near) Asia. I delivered a presentation on the latest developments across the GSX Group, and we discussed and debated the rules and processes of the GBX-GRID and GBX-DAX, to ensure we are always providing the most robust and supportive services. You can gain an overview of the summit here:


4 – CrowdVilla Token Sale Concluded

The Crowdvilla token sale on the GBX-GRID was concluded. Due to the endeavours of Crowdvilla management team, they were able to reach the hard cap by selling to property owners who share their vision. Due to the paper works involved, the completion of their sale will take a few more months. You can read more about the sale conclusion here:


5 – GSX Group Travels to Hanoi/Malaysia

After my visit to Asia, the team continued the GSX Group roadshow, talking about our latest initiative the Global Securities Protocol. One of the events was led by the Malaysian Industry-Government Group for High Technology (MIGHT), you can read about their experiences here:


6 – DAX iOS APP Now Available For Download

The power of the GBX-DAX is now available on your iOS devices, through the App Store. We wanted to give our users the opportunity to check their portfolios and make trades on-the-go, and with the GBX-DAX App, you have the full accessibility of our Digital Asset Exchange at your disposal. You can find the download link for the itunes App Store here:


So that is the round up for this FORTnightly message. Don’t forget to try out the new GBX-DAX app and please, as always, we want your thoughts and feedback. Only through our community can we improve and grow stronger, and you are all on the same journey to bring about a new era in blockchain powered finance.


Keep on ROCKing everyone!

Nick Cowan
CEO – GSX Group

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