Value of negative iota to the negative iota power || (-i)^(-i)

Negative iota to the negative iota power (-i)^(-i). In this lecture, we are going to learn “how to find value of negative iota to the negative iota?”. What is iota? It is nothing but square root of negative one. By using Euler’s Identity, e^ix=cosx+isinx, at x=-pi/2 we get an polar form of complex number, thereafter we raise the exponents on both sides of equation by iota to find the required value. This topic is based on properties of iota and Euler’s identity, which is topic of complex number in mathematics. This is an fantastic videos which teaches you; how to apply Euler’s identity to solve difficult problems like powers in which base and exponent both are imaginary number or complex number.
You will find answer of the following questions in this lecture:-
What is (-i)^(-i)?
Prove that (-i)^(-i) is a real number.
Why is (-i)^(-i) real?
How to find value of (-i)^(-i)?
Is (-i)^(-i) real?
Powers of complex numbers.
Powers of imaginary numbers.
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