Can Coinbase pick up market share from Western Union and PayPal? (2019)

The famous American cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase announced that it is going to enter the market of financial transfers soon. In most cases, customers from developed Asian countries and European countries are involved in transfers. The company’s plans are to win market share from such giants as Western Union and PayPal.

Coinbase will begin transferring digital currencies between different companies. The management of the exchange has significantly changed its priorities. If earlier emphasis was placed on the exchange of cryptocurrency on Fiat, now Coinbase has much more global plans.

It is worth noting that the exchange has a rather promising service that allows you to instantly convert one digital currency into another. And residents of the UK have a unique opportunity to purchase cryptocurrencies for local pounds sterling.

It is worth recalling that relatively recently, Coinbase joined Ripple in order to obtain a certain market share. This is especially true of banks that are connected to the Swift system. Exchange guide in the near future plans to organize the launch of additional OTC platforms. They will display a minimum set of information about all the transactions. In addition, Coinbase will change the vector of its development towards the developing countries of the Asian region. The exchange will provide an opportunity for its customers to store digital currency on the most favorable terms. At first, this will concern investors with significant savings in the form of digital assets.

For reference: Coinbase is one of the fastest growing cryptocurrency companies. Over the past year, it has bought about 10 different organizations. Last purchase was made last week.


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