Ripple (XRP) Jumps 20{50ba1ed694a5e9cad474544bad900cae877170abc1270366fb0cd362edbcc732} To Surge Past $2. Five Things To Know

Three days after ripple fell lower than $2, it rose on Friday to trade at $2.09

The third most popular cryptocurrency Ripple (XRP) jumps 20{50ba1ed694a5e9cad474544bad900cae877170abc1270366fb0cd362edbcc732} to reclaim $2 on Friday. Three days after the ripple fell lower than $2, ripple rose considerably on Friday to trade at $2.09. The market capitalization of ripple swells to $81 billion. Despite the rise in ripple’s market capitalisation, it stayed 38{50ba1ed694a5e9cad474544bad900cae877170abc1270366fb0cd362edbcc732} lower than $130 billion it hit on January 8, and 36{50ba1ed694a5e9cad474544bad900cae877170abc1270366fb0cd362edbcc732} lower than $127 billion it hit on January 5. Ripple’s value hit past $3 for the first time on January 3. For the next five days, the ripple stayed above $3 until it hit below $2 again on Tuesday (January 9)

Five Things To Know About Ripple (XRP), Its Price Rise

1. Ripple is the third most popular currency after bitcoin (BTC) and ethereum (ETH). Until December 28, ripple had never hit the value of $2. However, on December 29, it hit a high of $2.27, though briefly. Afterwards, it traded above $2 for most of the trading days.

2. Ripple, despite being just after ethereum, is available for a fraction of ethereum’s price. At the price of an ethereum, one can procure as many as 587 ripple coins on the Luxembourg-based BitStamp.

3. The swings between the highest value and the lowest value happened between $2.14 and $1.797 in the past 24 hours, as per the BitStamp data.

4. On January 3, the value of ripple touched $3.29 on BitStamp.

5. Created in 2012, ripple is a real time gross settlement (RTGS) system, currency exchange and remittance network built upon a distributed open source internet protocol. The ripple protocol’s native cryptocurrency is also known as ripple (XRP).

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