Laptop Or Desktop is the Question

Deciding to buy a computer, and not sure what you want? Do you like the ability to take your computer with you? Or are you more apt to purchase a desktop? Really with the technological advances over the years, this is a question more people are faced with than before. Laptops used to have worse graphics and not near the storage of a desktop. Processors also did not match up in a comparison of laptops to desks.

Now you can get a laptop that offers you 160 GB of storage or more, an Intel processor and a great LCD screen with crisp colors that look nice.

Of course you can get the same thing in desks. And for both you of course do have several brand choices. It looks like some brands are coming out with great options to the higher priced brands that have been in business longer. Some notable newer names are E-machines and Acer. These companies are not as well known as Compaq, Sony or Toshiba, but these choices are just as good and offer you cheaper alternatives to other companies and they have both laptops and desks.

In the long run you need to decide what you want: the mobility or the stay-at-home computer. Everyone likes one another more than the other one. But desktop or laptop you can find good deals.

You also have several choices of stores that you can look at when looking for a computer. Best Buy, Circuit City, and Wal-Mart are great places to shop. This will give you a way to compare not only a laptop to a desktop, but also the different prices and brands available.

When getting something as expensive as a computer, you really need to compare and do research at different stores. Do not ever walk in and buy the first computer that you see. You will most likely question that purchase at a later time and wish you had waited. I know because this has happened to me when I bought my first computer. So be sure to take your time before you make your mind.

Also if you are purchasing a computer, you should really consider getting at least the one year extended warranty, if not two years. One problem with your computer and you will most likely have paid for that extra coverage. Do not think this is a bad idea, because in the long run this coverage does pay for itself.

So remember to compare prices and styles, and then decide. And by all means, get the extended warranty.

Source by Mehmet Onatli

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