Yondo Continues to Drive Video Innovation with AI

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forbes.com believes they are one of “Top 9 Must-Have Online Tools” in line with Google Docs, Slack and Mailchimp (1). Not to be stopped in their innovative stride, online video marketing platform Yondo supercharges online video with AI and blockchain.

Yondo is an online video platform that allows businesses sell their products and services in a unique, engaging manner. Users produce webinars, online group classes, property tours, offer 1-on-1 live consultations, and conduct product demos in real time. And with their ICO, Yondo users will be able to reap tangible rewards for their video content thanks to the introduction of AI and blockchain-based smart contracts:

AI-based video content enhancement: the special video bot provides additional content during the video,  directly related to the video, such as a recipe in a cooking show or additional facts during a live lecture, or even commercial information. The bot improves the user experience during playback and encourages user interaction with the content.

Blockchain power will support AI-powered solutions at Yondo, including decentralized computing to run the platform. Blockchain technology will also improve the transparency of payment transactions inside the platform, as well as reduce fees and enhance Yondo’s loyalty programs. Smart Contract functionality will also increase the ROI of video.

Yondo Tokens can be used on the platform’s rewards system and for payments. Yondo’s White Paper provides more detail on YondoCoin (YON) distribution mechanism.

If you were looking to contribute to a popular successful solution, look no further than Yondo ICO.

Join the revolution of online video, with Yondo’s generous presale bonuses.

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