Whitelisting Phase Started as of April 1st

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On Easter Sunday, April 1st 2018, Austrian crowd financing platform CONDA began the whitelisting phase of its Initial Coin Offering (ICO). Moving forward, interested parties can register online, even before the official start of the crowd sale.

Vienna, April 2018 | In early April, CONDA entered the next phase of its ICO. Together with experts from project partner RIAT (The Institute for Future Cryptoeconomics), the team is now in the midst of developing the CRWD Network (pronounced Crowd Network), which requires its own cryptocurrency, the CRWD Token.  By joining the whitelisting phase, all interested parties now have the opportunity to register before the official start of the Crowd Sale on June 6, 2018, avoiding longer wait times and ensuring that they will not miss the ICO.

Crowdfinancing within a decentralized network protocol

The CRWD Network is a decentralized network protocol on the blockchain, providing regulatory-compliant investment in SMEs, startups and real estate projects. Any platform on the network can take advantage of the benefits of the CRWD network. As a result, CONDA is setting new standards across Europe: companies use the network protocol, supported by various crowdfunding platforms, to issue tokenised equity and mezzanine capital instruments (e.g. company shares, subordinated loans, etc.). This solves a widespread problem of the current crypto scene: the need for financial products to operate within a legally-compliant framework.

CRWD Network Advantages

For SMEs, startups, and real estate projects:

  • Standardized solutions for the creation and management of “tokenized” private equity instruments (both proprietary and mezzanine instruments)
  • Easy and fast payouts with the touch of a button
  • 100% legally-compliant: the network complies with the prevailing legal regulations in each country

For crowd financing platforms:

  • Standardized and legally-compliant infrastructure
  • The ability to share resources, contracts, communities, etc. and to reach a larger crowd
  • Increased automation via smart contracts

For investors:

  • Investments are easier to transfer and trade
  • Transparency & traceability
  • Secure transactions
  • Easy & fast access to investment opportunities in a large network

5 years ago, CONDA started as a crowd investing platform, transformed into a crowd financing platform and is now ready for its next phase: the CRWD Network. A decentralized, regulatory-compliant crowd financing infrastructure protocol forms the basis of all transactions within the network. The CRWD Token is required for all CONDA business services and fees. Investments may continue to be made in the national currency (e.g. EUR).

All information regarding the ICO can be found at https://ico.conda.online.

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