User-Friendly Cryptocurrency Starts With One Simple Tweak

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Imagine the internet without the Domain Name Service (DNS). Instead of typing into your browser or, you had to type in or instead.

Luckily, we don’t have to memorize a list of numbers to use the internet. DNS made things simple by allowing human-friendly names to be used instead of IP addresses.

At the dawn of the internet back in the early 90’s this small but fundamental tweak brought about by DNS had an exponential effect on widespread user-adoption of the world wide web.

Fast forward to 2018 and we see the exact same problem encountered by early internet pioneers with cryptocurrency wallet addresses. If we’ve heard one phrase repeated over and over in the crypto community it’s the phrase “widespread adoption”.

As it stands, cryptocurrency wallet addresses are far more cumbersome to use than IP addresses ever were. A typical cryptocurrency address looks like this:


What’s worse is that if you are sending cryptocurrency to one of these convoluted addresses and you get it wrong by a single character, you stand to have the amount you are sending lost forever.

The Solution is TNS — Token Name Service

The good news is that you can buy a piece of it as part of a Security Token Offering being curated by

TNS works with any blockchain which gives it a distinct advantage over the Ethereum ENS solution. Crypto Names can be purchased for $19.95 a year and include other features such as the ability to have group names that can send specific amounts of cryptocurrency to other Crypto Names automatically and a robust developer API.

With TNS you can turn any cryptocurrency wallet address into a simple to use Crypto Name like this — $CryptoJoe.btc or $OGHODLR.eth.

You can also sign up to become a reseller of Crypto Names. As an analogy, the DNS market is now an industry that grosses over $6B a year in revenue.

Anyone who has been involved with cryptocurrency will agree that usability is a key issue when we talk about promoting the widespread adoption of crypto.

TNS is doing for blockchain what DNS did for the internet and making crypto more user-friendly.

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