The Yodse Platform Provides Trade without Any Intermediaries

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The online trade market enlarges its borders by high rates. Today it is possible to buy everything staying at home via the Internet. However, mostly the intermediaries use the advantages of this kind of service nowadays. The consumers have to pay on average 30-40% (and in some spheres of trade much more) of the price of products or services which are provided by the intermediaries. This situation occurs because the products manufacturers, especially of industrial groups, seldom address the Internet for a direct realization of the production directly to the customers. It is already a developed model of the relations in the trade market of industrial goods where the manufacturers have got used to address the intermediary who doesn’t even influence characteristics of the products in any way, however it increases the cost of the good at the expense of their appeal to some modern instruments of marketing and advance of goods. It turns out that the final customer pays much more, at the same time receives the same item which he could buy directly from the manufacturer.

The analysis of the existing problem showed that the lack of communication between the final customer and the manufacturer within the multi-billion market of industrial goods has guided a group of enthusiasts at creation of the Yodse platform which allows to connect the manufacturer of industrial goods with its buyers. Why did the founders of the Yodse platform decide to concentrate the attention on the industrial products? The conducted research has revealed the absence of the direct competitors in this field. Though, many parameters of the platform will become unique relative to the existing world trading platforms, such as Amazon, eBay, Alibaba/AliExpress and others in what it is possible to be convinced directly on the website of the project or by reading a Whitepaper where the table of comparison of Yodse with similar services is provided.

The Yodse platform solves a problem of intermediaries in trade through a blockchain

One of the main tasks which the founders of the Yodse project are facing consists in ensuring trade of industrial goods without intermediaries. They plan to solve it by realizing an own decentralized, open ecosystem which will be based on blockchain technology. Developing the Yodse platform, its founders are one of the pioneers who will apply advantages of a blockchain to needs of the real sector of the economy. It is possible to tell that this experience will become successful as many large companies already apply the decentralized networks of data in production and trade.

If to decipher an abbreviation of the Yodse platform, then literally each of its user will receive an own open ecosystem of direct sales. The decentralized, global and transparent Yodse ecosystem based on the blockchain technology promotes an integration of the real sector of economy into the market of cryptocurrencies and the blockchain, with the help of which Yodse will create for all the users the maximum transparency of transactions between manufacturers and buyers, providing the decentralized data storage about the transactions and goods. The broad functionality realized within Yodse ecosystem will give a set of new opportunities to representatives of small and medium business both for promotion of the goods, and for its sale. For customers will be available the extensive choice of goods which can be paid both by means of fiat currency and by means of various cryptocurrencies, including tokens of the platform.

The scale of the project is just unbelievable. Firstly, the borders of the Yodse platform will extend to the territory of the CIS countries, Asia, Africa, Europe and the USA. It will allow industrial manufacturers of these markets of B2B-trade to enable a successful realization of the products through the Yodse platform, using all of its opportunities. Secondly, besides the main features of the Yodse platform, which are realized by the blockchain technology, the set of additional services, which simplifies the work with the platform, will be available and will accelerate the sale processes and purchase of industrial goods through the Yodse. It should be noted about the existence of a chat for communication with manufacturers and other participants of the platform, a possibility of the goods insurance and tracking of the delivery process, the operating system of ratings and feedback, access to a bank of standard documents, granting P2P-loans in Yodse tokens and many other things. All these services are available to each user in a personal account through which everything works within the Yodse platform. It is possible to create a personal account and to use it further both via the platform through a Web interface, and through a mobile application.

Why does the Yodse platform need a token and how to get it?

The Yodse token is an integral part of the Yodse platform. From the technical point of view, the token was released on the Etherum platform and was created on the basis of a cryptographic algorithm in the decentralized distributed database (blockchain) for the purpose of commission of transparent operations for the users of the platform which are confirmed by the smart contract. The Yodse token is in own way unique due to those opportunities which it will bring to its owners. Its first and main mission is a mean of payment: customers will be able to pay for the goods and services presented within the platform; manufacturers and service companies will be able to pay for the services of the Yodse platform to place the offers and to pay for contractors’ services. Thus, by means of the Yodse token users fulfill their obligations for the transactions.

Besides the main function, the Yodse token will give the holders a set of other interesting opportunities. So, each token owner can take part in the referral Yodse program: to attract new users and to get the profit from it. In addition, any of those who has got a token will be able to make suggestions for the work improvement of an ecosystem and to expand its functionality. Also, it will be possible to borrow the platform cryptocurrency to other users gaining income in the form of percent.

The manufacturers of industrial goods will be able to save on promotion of their business with the help of the Yodse token due to the newest marketing technologies of the platform and moreover by using other privileges of the platform. The manufacturers will be able to encourage loyalty of their customers, to have new opportunities in the sphere of sales, to offer further ways of development and improvement of the platform functionality.

It is possible to buy the Yodse token within a preliminary token sale which passes from April 23 to May 6, 2018. The price of one Yodse token is $1 and there is no minimum amount of investment. What is remarkable the most considerable bonus of 30% from the token price works at the stage of the ongoing pre-sale. Thus the investor will receive the greatest possible benefits by getting a token now. However, the bonuses on purchase will be available to all participants during the ICO, which will pass from May 20 to July 30, 2018. At the beginning of ICO the bonus will be 20%, and by the end of the main stage of sale – 3%.

The storage of the Yodse tokens is carried out on the protected accounts so any participant could sell the token after the ICO ends or when the token exchange rate grows after the placement on the largest platforms, at the increased price, getting the profit of it. The Yodse founders expect the fast growth of the token price due to the exclusive advantages of the platform. Anyone can learn more about the project and also take part in the pre-ICO and buy tokens, on the Yodse official website.

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