The Secrets of Converting into Cryptocurrency from SELFLLERY!

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Quality digital photos with the help of a small smartphone, popularity in the social networks, compliments equivalent to likes and breakthrough innovative blockchain technology – these all are the elements of the powerful social platform SELFLLERY.

Who could have thought that earning cryptocurrency can be so easy! Now everybody will know about it due to the unique functions of the social platform SELFLLERY. Everything is super easy! The activity on the platform, as well as likes and comments, will be evaluated in tokens.

The principle of using the platform is very similar to Instagram. The difference is that the awards are received by the owners of the content, not by the developers, which is actually pretty fair!

Moreover, the developers of the new social resource have provided other ways of earning cryptocurrency, some of them are:

  • selling photos to the photo bank;
  • being active during the advertising campaigns;
  • participation in photo quests;
  • participation in various photo contests.

Don’t miss out, TGE starts very soon – on the 5th of March!

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