Optherium Is the Bridge between the Traditional Economy and a New Digital Economy

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Dozens of blockchain ecosystems have been developed, but few have delivered on their promises, creating a lot of uncertainty around the technology in general. Blockchain-powered solutions face problems despite the fact that they offer advanced security and novel technologies. Just think about how many people have invested and subsequently lost their money because those ICO projects were scams or simply amounted to nothing. Despite those issues, there are still many good blockchain projects out there and the interest in crypto is still apparent enough to allow the technology to flourish. So, can we expect changes in  2019? Is it the year that crypto usage finally goes mainstream?

The answer is an emphatic “Yes!” This affirmation is due in part to the advent of Optherium, a powerful blockchain-as-a-service provider. This Ecosystem, although new, is already making a difference to the world of blockchain technologies and cryptocurrencies. Optherium’s full-featured Operating System runs on a MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network, offering speeds of 100,000 transactions per second. Just for the record, that is more than four times faster than Visa. As Serge Beck, Optherium’s founder and CEO states, “Optherium is exactly what is needed to consolidate both the traditional and digital worlds. Optherium is the Global Finance Blockchain Infrastructure the world has been waiting for.”

Security is indeed a point of emphasis for the Optherium Ecosystem. Not only is all information encrypted and decentralized, but your information is actually split onto different blockchains, making it virtually uncompromisable. Optherium’s Key Recovery Service ensures you will never lose access to your digital assets, and it comes with Dynamic Biometrics verification and Know Your Customer credentials. Dynamic Biometrics verification enables the Ecosystem to recognize fingerprints, facial movements, voice, and your retina to provide the needed Know Your Customer credentials to gain access to your personal wallet. The KYC check is performed through the MultiDecentralized Private Blockchains Network along with Dynamic Biometrics verification and instant multisignature transaction confirmations from a third party. That’s how the Optherium Ecosystem guarantees that no one except for you will gain access to your valuable private data and digital assets.

Simply put, using Optherium’s patented Dynamic Biometrics software, your unique fingerprint or voice can be used to verify your identity and retrieve a lost or stolen private key. According to Bunty Agarwal, Optherium Labs’ Chief Financial Officer,  “The Optherium Ecosystem guarantees that no matter what happens, your assets are always within your reach while being securely protected from others.”

The other important feature the Optherium Ecosystem offers are its white labeled services. These are customized B2B solutions for businesses that make the capabilities of the Ecosystem your own. As Roman Kaganov, the Chief Technology Officer at Optherium Labs, explains, “Any company is eligible to enter into a contract with Optherium Labs to purchase [Optherium’s] functionality, customize it, and further use it under their own name and brand identity. From now on, businesses can take advantage of the Optherium Ecosystem. Traditional institutions, banks, financial advisors, corporations, and organizations should adopt it wholeheartedly.”

The Optherium Ecosystem in Practice

One of the products already using the Optherium Ecosystem is VivusPay, an eWallet that provides B2C users with a secure way to manage their online payments, bringing the payment industry to the next level. Using the app or the Optherium debit card, users can instantly convert crypto to fiat and withdraw money from any ATM in the world. Picture this: you transfer in Ether and the receiver requests and gets paid in Euro, without middlemen and their associated fees. VivusPay by no means rejects the conventional payment systems. On the contrary, it complements them, offering advanced solutions to the inadequacies that are present. What makes VivusPay better than the traditional payment systems is that it enables instant conversions with low fees. Thus, with VivusPay, you can pay at any point of sale with a fiat currency or your favorite crypto. Plus, you can convert your cryptocurrency into a chosen fiat currency and safely withdraw money from any ATM in the world.

Key Takeaways

The Optherium Ecosystem is a breakthrough in the market of tech solutions for the crypto community, both for businesses and individual users. It comes with a new level of security and boasts all the needed tools to popularize crypto culture. Plus, it has all the necessary tools to protect your digital assets. Now that businesses and ordinary people can take advantage of the Optherium Ecosystem, why wait?

VivusPay, the “face” of the Optherium Ecosystem can be downloaded on the AppStore or Google Play and used right away. What’s more, the Optherium Telegram channel is worth checking out for any news, updates or product launches. Stay tuned! By the way, starting from October 5th, you can purchase the Optherium tokens (OPEX) through the whitelist sale at https://tde.optherium.io/.  

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