Official Launch of Spacebook Test Network and Operation Centers in 10 Countries

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Announced on Friday October 12th, the large-scale distributed infrastructure network Spacebook (Hong Kong) officially launched Spacebook Test Network version 1.0 today. The version 1.0 of the Test Network focuses on the development of node functions such as “Scheduled Peer (SP), Billing Peer (BP), Professional Peer (PP) and Common Peer (P)”, which mainly include:

  1. Upload and download of network files
  2. Token rewards based on Proof-of-Traffic
  3. Account information query through API

Spacebook Network Topology

The individual miners or organizations interested in participating in Spacebook Test Network are invited to submit the request on Spacebook official website.

According to Spacebook (Hong Kong), the project Spacebook is also launching a campaign worldwide for Professional Peers, and has already built operation centers with local service providers and IDC partners in more than 10 countries including India, the United States, Thailand, Singapore, Japan, South Korea, Canada, Australia, and New Zealand. In addition, Spacebook will start the recruitment of DApp (Decentralized Application) development and product teams around the world, in combination with the operation centers, to provide efficient, reliable and low-cost infrastructure and technical support for the implementation and prosperity of blockchain applications, Cooperative contact mailbox: [email protected].

Spacebook is a large-scale distributed infrastructure network, dedicated to creating a distributed network ecosystem in which all parties including infrastructure providers, middleware suppliers as well as DApp developers will achieve common development, share values and promote co-governance. Spacebook provides computing power, bandwidth, and storage resources while using Proof-of-Traffic based on the proof of unit time throughput to reward infrastructure contributors. The distributed and intelligent features of the Spacebook Network enable developers of Public Chain and DApp to release software and applications without complicated network deployment, thus help them focus more on product implementation as well as effectively reduce the development cost.

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