New ITO Structure, Advisors Team Reinforcement, New Website

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It has been more than a month since the completion of the first social p2p Cryptobank Datarius pre-ITO. It’s amazing how time can be differently felt. Before working closely on the project, the month seemed incredibly monotonous. Now, with the approach of one of the most important events for the team – the main ITO round, scheduled for March 5, time is getting tighter around us like a tangible substance.

From the very beginning of the year, the team has been actively working on the project. We had a very important task ahead – gap analysis. Although, we reached SoftCap four times higher than it was planned, we continued to think that we could anyway took results to another level. Almost half of January we have spent actively collecting and analyzing all the information, working closely with the advisers and actively negotiating with potential future partners, listening carefully to the core of our community and monitoring the campaigns of our partner and competitors.

The first results of intensive work have led to changes in the ITO campaign structure. Thus, following consultations with investment analysts, advisers of financial projects and partner blockchain projects, the nominal value of DTRC is reduced from $ 1 to $ 0.01. HardCap is also lowered from 67 M to 51 M. The Token Distribution Structure has been recalculated and changed. Today it is as follows:

  • Bounty — 2%;
  • Partners — 5%;
  • Datarius Team— 5%;
  • Reserve Fund — 15%.

We have also reviewed the analytical data on the main stage structure. Our marketing team has developed and approved the optimal Bonus Program in our view:

  • in the first 6 hours each participant receives a 30% bonus in DTRC tokens;
  • from 6 to 12 hours — a 25% bonus;
  • from 12 to 24 hours — a 20% bonus;
  • 24—48 hours since the ITO launch— a 15% bonus;
  • from the 3rd  till the 15th day of the ITO each participant receives a 10% bonus;
  • from the 15th day bonus tokens shall be neither allocated nor emitted .

Having analyzed the collected statistics on questions and numerous requests, we have launched a Referral Program.

With regard to these amendments, we have changed the smart contract and the token swap, during which the Pre-Sale DAT ticker was replaced by the official DTRC, new tokens were recalculated and additionally paid to the participants of the closed round and Pre-Sale, and in the process the technical error of the previous smart-contract related to the incorrect bonus calculation was fixed

Our next step was a conversion. Based on the figures received, we had to almost completely change the website structure. We get more experts involved to arrange the site blocks according to the requirements of our target audience. Having processed the main issues encountered during the Pre-Sale, we almost tripled the amount of information, structured and presented it in the most accessible and terse manner. The site will become truly multilingual and will speak 5 basic languages before the ITO launch. We have also enhanced the technical part – the new site runs faster on all types of devices.

The project’s roadmap has also encountered some changes. In our opinion, we have agreed the major milestone: to launch the commercial version of the project as quickly as possible by integrating the ERC20 token into the interfaces being already under the development upon our request. This solution will allow promptly implementing almost all of the announced functionality and presenting a pilot version as early as autumn 2018 with a commercial product open presentation scheduled for the end of the year. We decided to simultaneously develop our own blockchain. Therefore, we will be able to demonstrate the results of our work at all times and promote the project among new potential users, encouraging the project participants. With confidence in our strategy, we made no changes to the strategic objectives related to the number of the Datarius Ecosystem’s active users. The number of 1 million active users, planned for May 2019, now seems even more achievable and tangible.

The team has been also changed. A number of agreements concluded before the Company’s registration have been renegotiated. The license application has been submitted. Four experts of worldwide standing have joined the team of Datarius advisers. Now we have the following experts continuously working with us on the project:

Simon Cocking — a Blockchain and IT specialist with 20 years of experience in information technology.

Nikolay Zvezdin — an expert in the field of financial audit and consulting, attracting private and venture investments to the projects. During his bright career he has worked on projects in heavy industry, energy, pharmaceuticals, telecommunications in the US, Japan, China, Russia, Hong Kong. His work as an Executive Director at Enlight Visionary and as a Financial Director at Envinary Group is incredibly impressive.

Douglas Lyons — an advisor with 27 years of investment and risk management experience. Douglas has in recent years devoted himself to studying and working on the technology of the distributed ledger, consulting the blockchain startups, assisting them in launching ICO.  

Jason Hang — a professional with extensive experience in the marketing, blockchain and mobile technologies. For 20 years, Jason has been creating and assisting in establishing companies that change the world around – Treascovery, Chidopi, TimeBox, SuchApp and.

We continue to take proactive measures to launch our ambitious project – the pioneering social p2p Cryptobank Datarius. We believe that we can create a truly unique and highly demanded product. Together we will certainly achieve our goals.


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