MedCredits and Civic to Give Users a Way to Vet Medical Professionals

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The biggest advantage of Blockchain, as a decentralized technology, is the peer to peer connection it has. Apart from its secure nature, every key feature: speed, elimination of the middle man, cost reduction etc., it founded on a peer-to-peer way of facilitating human interaction. Today’s disruptive practices and startups are utilizing blockchain’s power exactly due to these reasons.

Bringing Doctors and Patients Together: MedCredits

A technology that is fast, cheap, and cuts down on the time delaying intermediaries has none greater application than in the medical field, where each second means a matter of life and death. MedCredits is a Blockchain healthcare platform that connects patients and doctors from all over the world, developing a free market ecosystem by providing affordable and efficient healthcare.

MedCredit has the following features that makes it the obvious choice when it comes to telemedicine:

  • Verified Physicians: Registered physicians have their credentials verified before joining the network, ensuring that users have the best of healthcare professionals for them.
  • Fastest Diagnosis: The platform has physicians from all over the world. This means a user can submit a diagnosis request at any time, as there will always be doctors online in a timezone, ready to answer queries.
  • Hippocrates: The platform has its first mobile application ready and running. Users can submit cases and receive diagnosis through a few easy clicks on the app.
  • Clinic & Hospital Free: Since the users access physicians through the mobile app, they can be practically anywhere, at home, in the office, travelling on a bus etc. patients now do not have to go to a clinic or a hospital for a checkup.
  • Affordable: Cutting down on the finance heavy middlemen, infrastructure and running expenses, MedCredits makes its platform extremely affordable.
  • Electronic Medical Records: Since the medical data of users is saved on the Blockchain as a permanent record, medical history is always available for physicians, enabling better diagnosis.
  • Privacy: Users are always are in control of the EMR they have full control over it with private keys.

One Stop KYC Platform: Civic

For platforms where there are strict and stringent requirements for users’ verification, this can be a very time consuming process. Each user’s information has to be individually checked, and verified. This can be a time and resource consuming process that delays availability of services and active users.

Civic is an ID verification outsource platform that tackles this issue and, with an expert team in the ID and background verification field, it can process applications much more efficiently and easily than others. The platform does a complete KYC and AML check on registered users. Other platforms will need not verify people that are pre-checked by Civic. This saves considerable resources of other platforms, while enabling Civic users to register with these through one single login that has them verified.

The partnership of Civic and Medcredits mean that physicians who are already members of Civic have had their credentials checked by industry specialists, can register on MedCredits with a few clicks. This ensures that the best of medical expertise is available for MedCredits users.

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