Leading Social Trading Platform, eToro, Throws Its Weight Behind Cryptocurrency

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Created in 2009 by Satoshi Nakamoto, cryptocurrencies are championing new channels of exchange, remittance, and investment. Built on a tamper-proof and decentralized technology known as the blockchain, cryptocurrencies offer a number of advantages over traditional currencies including fraud prevention, instantaneous settlement of exchange, global accessibility, peer-to-peer exchanges, and immutability of transactions. With over 1,500 currencies and 8,000 markets, cryptocurrencies are one of the most exciting investment opportunities in recent times, offering attractive alternatives to traditional investment vehicles like stocks and commodities.

In 2017, cryptocurrencies market capitalization rose by 1,600%, becoming one of the fastest growing markets in the world. This remarkable growth in value is expected to continue, as increasing mainstream adoption drives up demand and value. However, many cryptocurrency trading platforms are rift with scam accusations, fraudulent behaviors, and questionable reputations. Those whose integrity has been established often spot convoluted interfaces, making it difficult for newcomers to benefit from the myriad of opportunities cryptocurrency trading offers. Social trading and multi-asset brokerage company, eToro, offers an intuitive, easy-to-use platform for trading cryptocurrencies.

A Reputable Trading Platform

eToro is a successful social trading network with millions of registered accounts from more than 140 countries. Utilizing crowd wisdom, eToro has been able to redefine the social trading landscape and refine the collective knowledge and experience of its user base into practical trading tools.

The eToro network not only offers a simplistic interface for intuitively trading diverse assets online but also enables users to easily follow and copy the strategies of successful traders through its revolutionary CopyTrader™ technology. CopyTrader™ has been responsible for successfully closing 78%* of all trades on the platform in profit.

Easy to Start Trading

Leveraging its experience, eToro is now affording traders and investors easy-to-use and painless trading experience on an intuitive platform. No more juggling of multiple wallet software installations and remembering private seed for every crypto traded. Once completing registration, traders can get straight to trading on eToro’s secure trading platform for an outstanding trading experience.

eToro’s approach to the crypto trading industry enables investors to:

  • Instantly execute trades, eliminating the delay of other platforms and allowing users to lock in a price
  • Withdraw without limitation
  • Complete and secure control of account information and funds

As a pioneer in the field of social trading, eToro enables users to follow and copy the trades of experienced and proven investors through its newly minted CopyFunds, a managed portfolio product available for various markets, including cryptocurrencies. CopyFunds also enable users to invest in balanced portfolios created by eToro’s investment committee.

With years of experience in innovating, reinventing, and disrupting traditional spaces, eToro’s transformation of cryptocurrency is set to open cryptocurrency trading to everyone, everywhere, anytime.

*Data accurate as of 2/8/2018

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