Hero Node Launches Lock-in Incentive and Revenue Sharing Plan

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While the market is depressing and cryptocurrency price frequently fluctuates, Hero Node team is still strictly implementing their developing process in accordance with its long-term development plan. In order to better protect investors’ profit in the down market, Hero Node has launched a value-added service – “Lock-in Incentive and Revenue Sharing Plan”.

Hero Node officially launched the Lock-in Incentive and Revenue Sharing Plan on July 13rd, 2018. They strongly encouraged all HER investors to participate.

Details of Hero Node’s Incentive Plan

Final deposit date: 2018-07-31 23:59:59

Unlock date: 2019-07-30 23:59:59

Duration: 364 Days

Expected Investment profit: Floating annualized interest rate has no upper limit; 30 million HER bonus.

Token deposited: Please check on Hero Node website if you are interested.

What is Hero Node? A new approach to Dapp development…

Hero Node is a cross-blockchain, cross-platform development solution for Dapps. It is based on the hero protocol and its vision is to integrate different public blockchains, somewhat akin to the Alibaba Cloud in the blockchain industry.

They introduce the new generation of decentralized computing based on what we call “fog computing”, and the HER token paves the way for developers to build on top of this platform. By building a cross-chain and cross-platform solution, Hero Node empowers developers to build Dapps with convenience and efficiency.

What else about the program?

According to Hero Node, all tokens they use to pay the interest will come from the crowd-sale refund program. The floating rate mentioned in the expected profit section is calculated by dividing all participating users into 30 million tokens. They strongly recommend investors to read through the instructions below and details on the event website before participating in the event.

Here are some useful tips provided by Hero Node:

  1. Make sure you’ve installed the Metamask in your browser.
  2. Make sure the “Deposit” button is available before you do the deposit.
  3. The Deposit operation requires two transactions by Metamask, so please DO NOT interrupt the process or refresh the page during the operation.
  4. When the lockup plan reached the unlock date, the withdraw button will be available. And then, you will have access to the withdraw operation.
  5. If you forget to withdraw, your tokens will also be sent back to your account.

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