Georgian Base KeplerTek to Disrupt $80 Billion Robotics Industry

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KeplerTek looks to disrupt the already massive yet still growing robotics industry, through a blockchain based platform employing analytics, data science and predictive algorithms.

Free AI Development Restrictions

While AI has proved tremendously useful in all of the technological advances as of recently, its potential is still bottlenecked by a few elite who choose to control development in interest of accumulating wealth for themselves, Kepler Teks asset based platform looks to change this by liberating this market and drive innovation forward.

The platform will accelerate advances within robotics and AI, through its global tech marketplace and collaborative network, allowing marketplace participants the ability to invest in AI and robotics through their platform, and inventors to securely access resources while working on their projects.

Platform to Enable Investors

The decentralized and transparent platform will lower the barrier of entry for investment opportunities, by using tokenized assets for investing purposes, while making sure there are no restrictions on liquidity.

Support from the Georgian Government

Backed by the Georgia government reform policy, Kepler Technologies looks to build one of the largest robotics facilities. The policy will enable the company to acquire property required in order to bring this ambitious goal into fruition.

Besides these goals, the Georgian based company will also create a blockchain tech acceleration and incubation platform, catered for talented inventors and developers globally. This will make it easier for bright ideas to be put in front of a large audience, for a chance to secure the funding and resources necessary to bring more ideas to life.

More so, creators will be able to use the platform to collaborate with other skilled individuals to polish, present, prototype, patent, and marketing their ideas using global resources.

Keplertek will also be using blockchain technology to keep track of every proposal, through their Proof-of-Creation network protocols, ensuring credit is attributed to the right developer in the case of any intellectual property disputes arise.

For users interested in contributing to the company in an early stage, Keplertek will be hosting a Token Generation Event, where users will be able to purchase ERC20 compatible KEP tokens, which will be used within the ecosystem to purchase company products at a discount, vote on projects to develop, as well as funding creator proposals. Unlike most TGE’s, KEP tokens are backed by both tangible and intangible assets, providing KEP with intrinsic value.

Project proposals will be funded using these tokens, and resources will be used properly thanks to smart contracts that ensure no malicious spending takes place. Once projects meet funding requirements, they will be flown to Georgia, where they will be given access to prototype and market the project.

Dividends will be distributed to backers for every success project completion.

About Keplertek

We are building an international ecosystem for the development and production of AI & robotics. It consists of a Mega Factory in Georgia, R&D laboratory, Education Campus and an Online platform that will bring together developers, investors and customers from around the world.

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