Fairmeet Has Formally Reached Strategic Cooperation Agreement with a First-Tier Licensor of Disney China

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Disney China distributor has reached strategic cooperation agreement with Fairmeet

Recently, Fairmeet, the decentralized e-commerce community in nijigen style has officially reached commercial cooperation with a first-tier licensor of Disney China. Mr. Steven Xu, the co-founder of Fairmeet and Mr John Shao, president of Disney China’s official licensor Hui Hai Global Purchase have conducted deep discussions on marketing of nijigen content and blockchain technology.Disney expressed high degree of recognition of Fairmeet technology, hoping to settle in its online store as soon as possible. In this way, Disney can sell innovative content in nijigen style, and build an online stronghold for its fans.

Mr. John Shao of the first-tier licensor of Disney has said:

The online distributor of Disney China has been trying to get closer to its loyal consumers through its marketing. We hope to create an interactive method featuring better technology and experiences for our fans through the cooperation with Fairmeet.

Fairmeet is a decentralized nijigen e-commerce community built on global public blockchains, namely on Qtum. The vision of Fairmeet is to build a decentralized e-commerce community based on blockchain technology through nijigen services and decentralized incentives. In this community, consumers can be retained and make contribution to merchants, even participate in merchants’ operation and help them build strongholds for consumers, which in turn can help merchants retain stable and controllable traffic of their own. As world’s largest animation brand, Disney has a large number of loyal fans in China, and every single product of home textiles in its official store on JD.com has tens of thousands of sales. The cooperation of Disney and Fairmeet will surely help Disney to better interact with its fans and retain consumers, which will in turn help boost its sales volume.

The cooperation of the first-tier licensor of Disney China and Fairmeet not only represents the high degree of recognition given to a nijigen enterprise with blockchain technology by a traditional animation magnate, but has also proved that as a new decentralized nijigen e-commerce community, Fairmeet is highly attractive to other brands. In the course of the development of blockchain technology, the cooperation of Disney and Fairmeet will undoubtedly be a great paradigm for the cooperation of traditional and blockchain businesses.

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