Ex-ConsenSys Consultant Is Helping Create a Revolutionary Decentralized Platform Squeezer for Microservices

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Microservices is an important software architectural style that empowers software professionals and helps in the creation of powerful applications. More and more industries these days are being infected by Blockchain developments, and microservices are no exception.

Recently, Nick Chisiu, ex-Blockchain consultant of globally renowned ConsenSys platform has launched a decentralized initiative called Squeezer that aims to become one of the most disruptive businesses in the decentralized universe.

Chisiu has a wide-ranging experience in working for ConsenSys with over 1000 US companies and their projects under his belt. It was through his experience there that he first understood that the future value of the microservices was going to be in Blockchain, implementing true decentralization.

Thus, he got to work to create the Squeezer platform. His efforts have already started to bear fruit as the squeezer network is being downloaded @75,000 times per month by software developers from every corners of the globe.

Connect and Scale to Blockchains

This early success has propelled Chisui to to further develop the Squeezer platform by enabling a robust blockchain connector focused on microservices. This combined Blockchain platform will allow users to connect to any Blockchain network of their choice (BTC, ETH or LTC) and use them as a testbed to test their decentralized apps.

With the latest Microservices options enabled, developers can have the auto-scaling option enabled by default. These services also support auto-healing and silent cloud deployments.

The Squeezer Tech

The Squeezer tech revolves around the Squeezer connector which enables users to smoothly interact with the Blockchain of their choice without tackling the entire infrastructure of the system which can be time consuming, inefficient and draining for the individual user.

Similarly, scalability issues are being smartly dealt with on the Squeezer platform by relying on microservices. See the Squeezer video by following the link.

The application of this new platform by Nick Chisui has a large potential for value and can appeal to the large number of software developers around the world working in financial institutions or global companies that are looking to harness the immense power of the Blockchain Technology, but are facing scalability issues.

Squeezer Platform and Token Generation Event

The native token is called SQZR and it is used to pay the core utility subscriptions in the system. The Token sale is continuing and more than 4 million SQZR have already been sold and the soft cap was reached within a few hours of deployment.

For more information, you have to visit the Squeezer website and become a part of the revolution in Blockchain scalability and mass adoption.

Visit the SQUEEZER Website: https://tokensale.squeezer.io.

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