Eticket4 Starts Its ICO with 25% Bonuses to the First Investors

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Eticket4, an international p2p-marketplace for buying and selling tickets for sports, music, theater and other events to secondary market participants, announced the start of the ICO.

Who among you attended the matches of the March Madness, the NBA or NHL playoffs, the Champions League matches in football or went to a concert of your favorite and very popular band? Many faced with the problem when the best places are sold out. It seems that it is more difficult to get to top events than to the Oscar ceremony. The secondary ticket market can help. But it’s true that there dealers can sell the coveted ticket with a huge margin, and some buyers become victims of scammers who sell fake tickets.

However, in the world for a long time successfully working platforms such as StubHub, Viagogo and others, where you can buy tickets. However, they also have their own problems in terms of transparency and security guarantees.

Eticket4, a p2p-marketplace selling tickets for music, sports and theater events, solves these problems. The company was founded in 2015, but the company’s annual turnover at the end of 2017 already amounted to more than $ 2 million. The main markets until recently were Israel and Russia, where the company is the undisputed leader. However, last year during the Confederations Cup, which took place in Russia, the company entered the markets of the CIS and Eastern Europe, and over 60 thousand tickets for the Confederations Cup were sold through the Eticket4 platform. Now the company plans to scale seriously by the beginning of the World Cup, but it will not be limited to this.

Eticket4 is the first company on the secondary ticket market to introduce blocking technology, which will expand the functionality of the platform and make the processes more transparent. The company successfully completed the pre-ICO, selling 800,000 tokens worth almost $ 700,000. On March 5 the company entered the ICO stage to attract investment for development and scaling. Now Eticket4 shows an average monthly growth rate of 2-3%, which provides tokens real, rather than speculative liquidity.

The ET4 token buyers will be able to use to receive discounts on tickets, sellers – to access advanced functions of the analytical cabinet and enter forward contracts, and event organizers can regulate the ticket market for their events through smart contracts.

Eticket4 CEO Daniil Kruchinin: «We want to change the secondary ticket market at the global level, making it transparent, accessible, safe and technologically. Blockchain technology allows solving all problems related to trust and fraud, and ICO allows the company to quickly attract investment and reach a truly international level. We are actively negotiating, including with major investors, and with promoters and event organizers. The next two weeks we will conduct an active road show in the markets of Asia, as well as in Israel. We are sure that the secondary ticket market is a natural part of the market, which can be made more civilized and safe. These are the requirements of today».

In the first week of ICO, investors will receive bonuses of 25%

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