Bytecoin Asian Market Update

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Bytecoin, which is known to be one of the leaders in anonymous cryptocurrency, has made an intermediate summary regarding their Asian expansion and is moving forward with major updates in the Far East market.

The Asian cryptocurrency market has proven to be the area with the biggest potential in the blockchain world, according to several price and volume aggregators. Despite the fact that there were several rumors about bans and restrictions, many countries in Asia have been the most involved in crypto trading, development, and education. As a result, the Bytecoin team has decided to start their Asian expansion by building local communities, including Korean, Chinese, Japanese, as well as other local ones, and getting listings on major Asian exchanges.

Due to the high demand in the Asian community for trading with the first private cryptocurrency built on CryptoNote technology, the Bytecoin team has started to cooperate with popular Asian blockchain-related corporations, including major exchanges, C2C or “decentralised” services, marketplaces, etc. This is the main objective for every project willing and interested in entering this new market. The Team has successfully gone through many difficulties, found local representatives and supporters who know the local markets and the mentality of the people living there, as well as sped up all of the business actions (cooperation/processes).

During the 2nd quarter of 2018, the Bytecoin team is going to be expanding its operation towards the Middle East market, one of the biggest pools of investors which will undoubtedly bring a new wave of investments to the Bytecoin cryptocurrency market. The Team still considers the Asian market as one of its biggest priorities for Bytecoin in 2018 and will force the business processes to announce the upcoming partnerships. But by diversifying its focus Bytecoin will be able to expand to even more and greater markets around the world.

Thanks to the early steps performed by the Bytecoin team at the beginning of this year, a base for further successful expansion has been placed and made possible. There is still plenty of work to do in the near future, however, the team is ready to move ahead and face whatever challenges the market will bring on the horizon.

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