Brixby Partners with Wings for Community Support and Valuation

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Brixby rewards of 3% of tokens to WINGS forecasters to support and accurately value the upcoming token sale.

Brixby, a blockchain-based transportation application utilizing the Ethereum network, announced cooperation with WINGS, an Ethereum-based platform that harnesses the power of crowds for price discovery and promotion of projects seeking funding. In addition, Brixby will make use of the WINGS Bounty Management Application to engage early adopters and reward them for promoting awareness of the Brixby tokens.

Brixby is a decentralized marketplace that connects those who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars with asset owners of any size ready to offer those services, in one mobile application. Brixby will provide users with availability of transportation services and payment methods in a simple format accessible from any smartphone. Using blockchain technology, Brixby will ensure transparency of financial and non-financial transactions, which can be controlled by the user. The application will also provide solutions for managing transportation without huge expenditures for small businesses, as well as provide access for small service providers to consumers in an easy-to-use and transparent way.

Brixby will use the WINGS Bounty Management Application, which automates bounty tasks for easing and scaling community building and engagement. Currently, Brixby has launched several bounty programs, including one for Android app testershowever, would like to benefit more from the well designed and manageable tools WINGS offers.

“WINGS DAO has shown great results in a number of projects and we are very happy to get to work with the WINGS community members,” said Daniil Titarenko, Brixby CEO & co-founder.  “We are offering 4.6 million, which is 3% of the entire token issue, to the Wings community for their services and support.”

To ensure transparency for Brixby contributors, Brixby will publish the results of its upcoming token sale on its social media channels. Experts’ opinion from WINGS community can provide much needed credibility to the project as cryptocurrency, token, and blockchain technology are still new to many people.

“We are happy to see Brixby choosing the Wings platform for promotion and evaluation by our community and excited to help a project that aims to solve the real problem of overcrowded city transportation in a decentralized and future proof way,” said Sebastian Stupurac co-founder of WINGS. “We believe that Brixby brings an innovative way to match car owners, charging infrastructure providers and drivers in a decentralized fashion, enabling the shared economy benefits and reducing the traffic pollution and hazards.”

About Brixby

Brixby is a marketplace that brings together people who want to rent, park, and charge their (electric) cars and asset owners of any size who are ready to offer those services, in one easy-to-use Brixby app. Brixby will provide a decentralised blockchain-based marketplace, where each transaction is confirmed. Transportation services are in high demand, due to the growth of cities and increases in population. It is a USD 74+ BN market, which is ready for innovation and transparency. The Brixby team has successfully implemented similar services and is now taking on this global challenge.

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About WINGS Foundation

WINGS Foundation is based in Switzerland and comprised of a decentralized team of professionals aiming to bring blockchain-enabled projects to the mainstream via forecasting. WINGS uses DAO technology to enable a new type of emergent incentivized swarm intelligence for value discovery on the Ethereum. WINGS provides best in class libraries of smart contracts for blockchain based crowdfunding and for post-funding decentralized governance.

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