Blockchain Solutions Company ARK Ushers in the New Wave of DPoS with ARK Core V2

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Ark just can’t stop making headlines recently, with Jeremy Epstein being added to the roster not long after Ark partnered up with OKEx for trading; the company is hitting all the nails on the head. Ark realised that they needed to recreate their ARK Core from scratch and have provided details into the development.

Point – Click – Blockchain with the ARK Core v2

Ark is proud to share its journey with the public as they make their way through their roadmap. ARK’s previous Crypti/Lisk legacy code that was initially used was in need of changing. This gave way for the ARK Core v2 which the company believe will help prepare for the future changes in deployable DPoS blockchains.

ARK Core v2 boasts some impressive achievements like being able to rebuild the Blockchain in a little over a 1 minute for the mainnet on a Macbook Pro. That means that every time a node is started, the script will perform a rebuild so that the processes can be securely synced back to the network. Further work is being done to make this the most successful deployable DPoS blockchain.

Exploring Ark Core v2

A list of features was shared in one of their recent blog posts. Here are the targets on their technical roadmap for building the ARK Core v2:

  • Running on Mac/Windows/Linux.
  • Single command line install.
  • Componentable (Relay Node, Forger, Transaction Pool, Storage, Public API, P2P API, option for your own components).
  • Forging process running behind firewall.
  • Programmable State Machine with an auditing API.
  • Implementation of AIP11 (protocol serialisation).
  • Implementation of AIP14 (versioned restful API).
  • Implementation of AIP15 (WebHooks).
  • Leveraging multi processor capabilities
  • Fast rebuild using SPV
  • BIP38 encryption of delegate passphrase in config file with One Time Password (OTP) encryption in RAM for security.
  • Rotating and compressing log.
  • Constants in config file, with progressive fork rules, to ease the configuration of deployable arkchains.
  • Support for various databases (MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite3, MsSQL, …).
  • Internal API for forger.
  • Revamped testing framework.
  • 100% compatibility with v1 protocol.
  • Dynamic fees

Ark plans to release the beta of their new platform to the DevNet to allow for public testing. The company is proud to provide users and developers with a tool that will be ready for mass adoption.

About Ark

Developers and users along with corporations and startups need a deployable DPoS blockchain that is right for everyone and truly adaptable and scalable to fit the correct needs. ARK’s dream is to provide this to the world by delivering technologies best platform.

The ARK team hails from all around the globe however it is based in France. The crew working on the project have numerous backgrounds from various sectors including engineering and development. They will hold their first convention called ARK Con this month which will be open to the public on the 22nd of March. Ark is a company to look out for this year, be sure to keep an eye on this project.

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