Binex, the Cryptocurrency Exchange Like None Other

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Currently, there are more than 1,500 tokens and coins that are actively being used worldwide. With such a big number, high volatility and different factors affecting the price, the true capitalization of these digital monies is possible only if traded. There are also a lot of digital exchanges on the internet, from the simple ones that let you buy and sell bitcoins into fiat (and vice versa), to the sophisticated ones that you can use to trade hundreds of tokens and coins.

Binex is a startup trading and exchange platform that is aimed to reinvent the sharing economy of exchange stakeholders by combining decentralization with its internal token, the BEX. As an all-encompassing exchange, Binex offers the following to its users:

  • Margin Trading: Allowing lenders and traders to get maximum profit from a trading process, Binex gives its users a position of 2x and even 3x leverage.
  • Spot Trading: A space for immediate buying or selling of tokens, this is the simplest form of trading.
  • Multiple Currency Pairs: Cryptocurrencies are paired uniquely with BTC, BEX and USDT, giving users the option of buying and selling easily with the most used currency on the platforms at any given time.

What Sets Binex Apart?

A lot of exchanges offer multiple trading services, this causes a warped focus, creating a lower priority to other, more important aspects of the platform. The developers at Binex have identified core issues and have developed suitable systems to counter these:

  • Security: Multiple layered security, from nearly six at the user level and twin at the exchange level ensures that all trades and assets are safe.
  • Matching Engine: Trading engines on most exchanges can slow down during heavy loads with users losing those precious few seconds that can make or break a successful trade. Binex’s engine is designed with an excessive load in mind.
  • Customer Service: With so many traders on an exchange, a good CS is always a good option. Binex has an English language CS with plans for additional languages.
  • Multiple Device Support: Apart from its current web browser support, the exchange’s team of engineers is developing mobile based apps for users on both Android and iOS.

BEX & Revenue Sharing

The Binex exchange has its own internal utility token called the BEX. The token’s utility is primarily for transactions and accessing services on the exchange. A unique feature offered by the platform is a 70% revenue share with users who hold BEX on their accounts. This revenue share will be calculated on a daily basis.

BEX is currently in its token generation event, where 19,000,000 tokens will be made available for backers (out of a total 21,000,000 limit) at 1 USD = 1 BEX. The platform accepts BTC, LTC and BCH as investment. Early bird bonuses include 5 BEX each for first 60,000 backers, 3 BEX for next 100,000 investors and 1 BEX per user for the next 400,000 entrants, making the bonus tokens 1,000,000 in all.

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