Big Data Solutions Company Partners with Cross Device Advertising Firm to Develop Decentralized User Data Crunching Service for Advertisers, DATx

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Digital advertising took off on 27th October, 1994, with the launch of Wired Magazine’s website, Hotwired. It contained a rainbow colored text on a banner that read “Have you right clicked your mouse HERE–> YOU WILL” – archaic now we look back, but at the time it was state of the art. As the number of sites increased during the dot com boom, search engines were specially created to let people find websites they were looking for.

As a free service, these search engines heavily relied on advertisement to generate finances. The success of earning for the search engine lied in getting the correct ad according to the search. Over the next decade, it was refined with much better knowledge about its users by social media websites.

Blockchain Empowered Digital Advertising Terminal, DATx

DATx is a blockchain-based platform that combines the power of artificial intelligence and big data solutions to create the biggest and most accurate data on users for advertising companies to lean on. Normally, when tasked with an ad, a firm has to rent out data from collectors who give a broad and mix of information, which the agency then has to sift through to make sense of user behavior. This cluttered data is fragmented and presents a time consuming job that is hard to nail. Firms selling the data also do not reveal how the data was acquired and will resell generic data to multiple advertising firms, giving little real information — and users whose data was collected have no information on how their data (collected with consent or without) will be used.

DATx intends to clean up the clutter of data by using artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to refine and fine tune understanding of individual end user behavior so that precise, acceptable and non-intrusive ads can be effectively delivered. The platform also intends to ensure that user privacy is maintained and there should not be any fraud or misleading attempts made.

Avazu, The First

Azazu is one the largest advertising platforms that has signed up to be on board DATx. With up to 100,000,000 users daily active on the platform, it will allow DATx to customize advertisements to all of its users individually and push non intrusive native ads.

Anticipating the large number of users that will get on board the platform and be targeted by advertisements, the platform has implemented a few unique blockchain protocols that allow for nearly 1,000,000 transactions per minute. The fastest TPS rate currently deployed comes nowhere near to this.

Tokenizing The Ecosystem

A crypto utility token designed to run solely on the platform, DATx Token is a digital asset that will be used as a token of exchange. As a pure utility token, the platform is very clear that it will not be using third party services for distribution. This is evident that even with a successful initial token distribution completed, it has not listed the token on any exchange.

The next round of token generation event’s details have not been announced as of yet, but the platform has started registration of the whitelist – visit the website to find out more information.

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