Aditus Pay™ Offers Cryptocurrency Payments at Art Stage Singapore 2018

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Singapore Art Stage Introduces Aditus Pay to the World

Aditus, the world’s first ‘luxury’ cryptocurrency platform, has partnered with south-east Asia’s largest art fair, Art Stage. The art juggernaut has decided to integrate Aditus Pay as a service provider for what will be the 8th Art Stage, in Singapore, at the Marina Bay Sands & Convention Centre.  

During the Fair, Aditus will provide a service that connects purveyors of Southeast Asian artworks with affluent cryptocurrency enthusiasts. The platform will allow visitors to utilize Aditus Pay to purchase artworks with  Aditus (ADI) tokens and other cryptocurrencies. These interactions will be a large part of this year’s Fair’s focus on the Thai art scene. In the lead up to the Fair Aditus booth exhibited work to over 1200 art lovers and additional galleries made their own Inquiries and were offered training from the interactive Aditus Pay facilities.

Of the more amazing artworks sold at the Fair, was Indonesian artist Naufal Abshar’s Fishing Catch Games. The painting is part of Naufal’s “HAHA” series, where he is said to be visually pushing the boundaries of humor with tongue-in-cheek social commentary. Guillaume

New Era of Art Payment Signaled with Aditus

Levy-Lambert, co-founder of Art Porters Gallery in Singapore was interviewed recently and has nothing but good things to say about the recent developments they had seen from the company. Guillaume voiced his pleasure with the ‘important’ sale of early work from Naufal Abshar, the payment settlement was conducted seamlessly with the help of Aditus Pay. He was also very impressed with the value which the amenity has added to Art Stage Singapore and believes this development marks a new era for the partnership.

Cryptocurrencies are currently the hottest and fastest growing new asset class and have been the backbone of a growing new collection of affluent business-people who are developing an interest in the artworks offered by top artists in the south-east Asian market.

With the added flexibility of cryptocurrency purchases for such artworks, a new prospective buyer had emerged.from Art Stage Singapore. This development has paved the way for a new market segment to discover the world of fine art, courtesy of Aditus.

Supporting Continued Adoption of Cryptocurrency

The company’s target is to help with the continued adoption of cryptocurrency whilst attempting to help solve some of the unresolved issues for merchants and crypto-users, with the Aditus Pay payment gateway placed at the core of that solution.

The founder’s members of Aditus is comprised of veteran market entrepreneurs in luxury services and technology. The company aims to combine this experience and work intimately with its select group of luxury merchants, to better realize and solve these market problems. If successful, Aditus plans to be the first major power to offer this type of service inside of, and later beyond, the luxury service industry.  

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