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Cryptocurrency exchanges are these massive platforms that have a lot of money circulating in them but they are known for being a pain in the bottom for a number of reasons. They have numerous issues that need solving but don’t get solved because they are not used to getting feedback from the investors and traders, they charge high transaction fees, withdrawal fees and even funding fees and their support quality is extremely poor. This is why the demand for an exchange that works for all and listens to all is always there.

Bitmora is a new cryptocurrency exchange that is on a mission to be the exchange of the people and for the people. It is developed by real traders in the crypto world who share a passion for trading in the new sector and are vested in the long-term benefits of decentralized financial solutions that are possible with Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies.

Advocating For the Crypto World

The Bitmora team is travelling worldwide right now to advocate for the future of cryptocurrencies and investing in the future of the financial world. The Bitmora team is also heavily dedicated to educating people about the dynamics and strategies of trading, blockchain technology and how the future will look like in a crypto economy.

The cryptocurrency exchange is quite futuristic in terms of speed and application as over 1 million transactions per second can be processed on the new platform. With future interest expected in cryptocurrency, the speed is designed to increase even further than this limit.  According to Colton Brister, CEO of the Bitmora project:

“Education is key for Blockchain right now. Many people have heard of it but still don’t understand exactly what it is or the opportunities it provides. Bitmora will offer a full education platform, featuring lectures and interactive courses led by certified Blockchain developers.”

First Time Live Support Features

Bitmora is also going to provide live support capability to traders on its platforms. This is a move that has not been taken up by conventional cryptocurrency exchanges because of extreme difficulty of handling this many clients and their various issues. So, Bitmora is trying to develop a system where each investor who has invested money in the platform has the right to simple phone call to the support, a right that is being denied right now by most exchanges.

Unique Crowdfunding Model

The company is in beta mode right now and in the spirit of keeping things open and acceptable, users will be able to experience the beta and see how it is and then decide for themselves. Also, instead of undergoing a TGE for fundraising, the exchange doesn’t want people to bank on money whose founders and systems they have never ever seen so they haven’t taken the same road.

Instead, investors are shown the product and they can then test it to their fullest capabilities and then give funding for which they are given fixed percentage shares of the exchange. Any profits from the exchange will be redistributed to these early backers. These backers can also vote in for any changes in the platform and their opinion are listened according to the execution model of the system.

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