SyncFab Takes Blockchain Supply Chain Solution to Service Asian Market Buyers in MOU with C Block Capital


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Hong Kong — November 1, 2018

SyncFab has signed an MOU with C Block Capital Group, a Hong Kong-based investment firm and blockchain venture incubator, and advisory firm. C Block Capital is backed by a large Fintech Group in Asia, who has a strong presence in the blockchain industry with more than 2% of global Bitcoin mining capacity and a complete blockchain ecosystem.

The memorandum of understanding details both parties’ intention to collaborate in a partnership. SyncFab would be entrusted with fintech advisory clients of C Block Capital’s with supply chain needs given SyncFab’s record as the leading supply chain management platform. Together they will collaborate to streamline the business models of potential clients who stand to benefit from blockchain supply chain innovations. The partnership is strategically focused on Pan-Asian businesses that are in need of these solutions.

“We’re excited to continue extending our services and expertise in blockchain solutions for supply chain management. The Asian market could reap immense benefits from the more efficient and secure documentation and specialized processes we offer on the SyncFab platform. We’re eager to collaborate with C Block Capital in making this happen as we believe their insight will be key in laying the groundwork for our community in new regions as we expand our global footprint,” said SyncFab CEO Jeremy Goodwin

SyncFab will also be an early supporter of C Block’s SuperNode Community Project. Besides being a possible node participant, the company could become a referral source for attention-worthy projects.

About C Block Capital Group

C Block Capital Group is a private international investment group headquartered in Hong Kong. We are focused on diverse investments in Special Opportunity Investments and Blockchain. It is backed by one of Asia’s largest fintech groups and a direct investor in crypto assets. Leveraging on the strength of the Group’s global presence and network, C Block Capital Group is able to provide differentiated investment themes across asset classes, industries, and geographies. The team’s focus on entrepreneurship, innovation, and institutionalization have led to a history of delivering excellent risk-adjusted returns.

About SuperNode Community

SuperNode Community (SNC) is a decentralized venture capital ecosystem.  SNC’s vision is to build a decentralized, collaborative, and efficient ecosystem for the startup community. The project aims to be the first stop and gateway for every blockchain startup to access funding.

About SyncFab

Founded and headquartered near Silicon Valley, SyncFab is a distributed manufacturing platform that streamlines the way buyers procure, manage, and track precision parts production securely using blockchain technology. Through partnerships with federal and municipal government initiatives, SyncFab helps spur economic development by making regional suppliers with idle manufacturing capacity more accessible and responsive to buyers to enable a shift towards cleaner, local manufacturers worldwide. SyncFab is Partner to CESMII, The U.S. Department of Energy’s Clean Energy Manufacturing Network appointed by the White House. SyncFab municipal partners include San Francisco, San Leandro, Oakland, and West Sacramento.  

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