OptiToken to Airdrop 5.9 Million Tokens to Those Affected by Scandalous Projects

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OptiToken, which is an up and coming project gaining a lot of notice recently due to its implementation of economics and sharp trading algorithm behind it, has elected to divide the 5.9 million token Airdrop (roughly €650.000 equivalent) into 3 sections when they launch the Airdrop within the next few weeks:

1.) Projects that burned their user base in the past:
Projects elected thus far:
So far the project is focusing on the following;

The team also invites people to submit ideas for other  projects to include at [email protected]

2.) Undervalued Projects:
-The team is also open to submissions for additional here for coins with supportive communities but having a bit of trouble gaining momentum currently for one reason or another.

3.) Community and Growth:
Thirdly, a portion will be set aside to offer free tokens to the projects direct supporters and also as a way to include restricted geo’s such as the U.S. and China, however the team says they will likely be able to soon lift the China participation restriction! this method is quickly becoming a popular way to include geo’s affected by strict regulation so they too can join the community and project. There are no laws against giving coins away for free to people!

Those who want to receive free OPTI’s can sign up follow the instructions:

1. Join our Telegram: https://t.me/optitoken
2. Sign up using this form: https://goo.gl/besLBS
3. Check your application: https://goo.gl/VrFmSc

The team is also offering the presale discount to these communities with no-minimum buy limit which is a really nice feature as well. It’s quite popular for many projects to limit presales to purchases of $100,000+ only. Take for example the Telegram ICO who’s minimum presale limit matches that amount exactly, a whopping $100,000. OptiToken wants to include as many people as possible at the lowest rate possible as a means to level the playing field for the broader crypto community. Negotiable rate discounts for large purchases are available for discussion as well at [email protected] – you can join the team and find out more about the projects Airdrops on Telegram here at  https://t.me/optitoken

What is OptiToken?

OptiToken is the world’s first hyperdeflationary cryptocurrency. It is fueled by a 24/7 algorithmic trading portfolio of established and manually selected cryptocurrencies and adds the trademark strategies of Buy Pressure and Strategic Scarcity to create perfect conditions for price appreciation. As our algorithm trades automatically between the basket of tokens, a portion of the profits created will be used to buy OptiToken directly on exchange, thus providing upward price pressure. Then afterwards, all the purchased tokens will be burned, creating scarcity and further increasing value.

The project has opened strong and is currently in presale stage and whitelisting for ICO at https://OptiToken.io.

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