Most Powerful New Generation Multi Cryptocurrency Miner

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Salford, UK – Promax7 have launched its latest Ethereum Miner, It is constantly in the news nowadays.

Promax 7 is listed in the top 4 best ETH Miner in 2018. Promax 7 is also known for being Multi-Algorithm ETH Miner. This kind of hardware would be going for Ethereum mining and thus are always on the rise.

Promax 7 CEO has stated that it is the beginning of the new generation GPU Miner which is a lot more powerful than any other miners available in the market. They have launched three miners out of which 7.2 is the flagship miner with ETH mining performance @ 3710 MH/s.

It has advanced and the powerful GPUs for mining Ethereum. This is majorly being the new player in the cryptocurrency hardware manufacturing industry.

They are getting their components manufactured at Shenzhen. It is the most innovative GPUminer developed at this recent trend of mining where mining is the current hot topic. This company was founded in the December 2016. It is estimated that Promax 7 will create the mining sensation and will rise to $8-10 million in the following months to come.

The highlighting feature of Promax 7.1 and 7.2 miner is that it can mine multiple cryptocurrencies which include ETH, Monero, Zcash etc.  

The interface is user-friendly which makes it convenient at its use and its low noise feature allows one to start mining from home. Basically being very simple with just plug and play option.

Coins and algorithms supported by 7.2 Miner

Algorithm Coin Hash Rate
Cryptonightheavy Monero 145397 h/s              **
Ethash Ethereum 3710 Mh/s              **
Lyra2REv2 Vertcoin 5996851 Kh/s         **
X16R Raven Coin 1494 Mh/s              ***
NeoScrypt GoByte 180500 Kh/s           **
PHI1612 Folm Coin 5203 Mh/s              **
Xevan Bitsend 668 Mh/s        **
Timetravel10 Bitcoin Core 5132 Mh/s              ***
Zhash Bitcoin gold 5779 h/s                  *
Equihash Zcash 76730 h/s       **

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