Gath3r Provides an Ad-free Alternative to Revenue via Browser Crypto Mining

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Fintech firm Gath3r (pronounced “Gather”) are looking to provide website owners and app developers a new alternative to revenue generation, leaving behind traditional advertising methods in favor of using their users’ excess computing power to mine cryptocurrency instead.

Based in the British Virgin Islands, Gath3r represents the next generation of browser crypto mining that reduces the dependency of websites and apps on traditional advertising models, that is quickly losing popularity with users due to their invasion of privacy as ads collect user data.

Unintrusive and transparent revenue generation with Gath3r

This alternative form of monetization at once addresses all the shortfalls of advertising, such as shorter page visits and higher bounce rates, as Gath3r seeks to retain visits without annoying them with any ads. Users won’t even notice that their computer is doing anything more while mining in the background as they consume content or use services on the website. App and website owners can choose to replace ads completely or use some aspects of crypto mining to diversify revenue streams.

By decentralizing the process of mining, Gath3r makes crypto mining cheaper and less energy intensive, using only excess computer powers of daily app and site users. Owners can install the Gath3r code and let users mine passively via their idle GPU or CPU power, earning revenues that owners can keep a portion off.

Everything is transparent, too: users are always opting in, so they can choose not to do so. They will be informed when accessing Gath3r-enabled sites or apps and must opt in to mine. Those that opt in can also rest easy knowing that Gath3r will never overuse or slow down their devices.

Over 2.5 billion live websites and growing shows a huge potential for Gath3r powered revenue. And with centralization an issue in conventional mining, Gath3r can help distribute hashpower, allowing for more mining decentralization via the power of the web.


Gath3r has also developed a loyalty program that lets app and site owners reward visitors with Gath3r tokens (GTH). Along with a paywall program and planned developments of proof-of-stake (PoS) network, Gath3r can become a sustainable browser mining solution for all.

Built for growth

Gath3r miners can detect hashpower, block and price profitability, switching to the most efficient proof of work algorithms, and pay out either in Bitcoin (BTC) or GTH, or even in local currency where supported. It is designed to handle massive amounts of sites and apps and their users.

The ecosystem will promote safe and private use of sites and apps, while helping decentralize mining, all while helping publishers get more revenue and share them with users. The Gath3r development team believe they have created a solution whereby all stakeholders stand to gain in this ideal Gath3r ecosystem.

To try the live system now, sign up for free to the Early Adopters Program and enjoy commission waivers for the first quarter. To learn more, visit the Gath3r website or chat with the Gath3r team on Telegram. Come and meet the growing Gath3r community on Facebook and Twitter.

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