Electrominer Is Taking a New Approach in Cryptocurrency Mining

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Today generation of Bitcoins annually consumes 0.33% of the world electricity. This number keeps growing every year. The production of Bitcoins requires the same amount of energy as to power the entire country of Austria!
Mostly the network is fueled by coal-fired power plants in China, what results in massive environmental pollution.

Bitcoin Energy Consumption Index Chart

Source: https://digiconomist.net/bitcoin-energy-consumption

The majority of mining companies do not address this problem and use traditional sources of energy to power their mining facilities. However, the startup from California, USA came up with the solution to the environmental problem of mining. The company called Electrominer intends to revolutionize Blockchain industry by introducing ZERO POWER COST mining.

Electrominer is a Mining Ecosystem which will be powered exclusively by solar energy in California desert. This will significantly reduce harmful impact of crypto mining on the environment and push Blockchain potential in the right direction. Usage of solar energy will also minimize electricity expenses for platform users increasing their mining rewards. This model will be beneficial for everyone as it creates sustainable, eco-friendly, zero power cost mining.

Besides, benefits of Electrominer Ecosystem are open for everyone. User-friendliness of the platform, small rental fees and small minimum contribution makes Electrominer model accessible for everyone.

To start mining, users need to get ELM Tokens and get membership. After they become members of the platform, they can start generating crypto. Hashing power for the Platform is provided by mobile data centers with the most advanced cooling system and mining hardware. Power for Data centers is provided by solar panels which will be located in Imperial Valley, CA. During daytime Solar Panels will generate more energy so that the surplus will be sold to the grid station. At night Electrominer will buy its surplus back from the grid to power facilities during nighttime.

Electrominer ecosystem is presented below:

We are going to create sustainable, self-expanding mining mechanism driven by community! Join our Cloud-Mining Platform and let’s push Blockchain in the right direction together! ELM Tokens are already available for purchase: https://www.electrominer.io/.

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