Delphy v1.0 Launch Strengthened by Strategic Partnership with MyToken

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  • Blockchain-powered prediction market platform Delphy v1.0 Chinese version is now Live
  • Delphy announces Strategic Partnership with MyToken 
  • Delphy prediction market platform gears up for 2018 FIFA World Cup

Beijing, China – June 06, 2018 – Delphy, a Ethereum based prediction markets platform, today announced strategic partnership with MyToken, the popular marketplace software with largest number of DAU in China.  This strategic alliance is perfectly timed with the upcoming 2018 FIFA World Cup Russia, enabling Delphy and MyToken to jointly meet the huge demand of trying to predict the outcomes of World Cup games and provide better user experience. Furthermore, Delphy partnered with popular Chinese Wallet applications, MediShares and Bitpie. These collaborations will further strengthen Delphy’s position in the Asian region.

Delphy v1.0 Chinese version went live on 1st June 2018, and has been very well received by the over 40,000 Delphy community members in China. MyToken will bring a considerable amount of traffic to Delphy’s v1.0 Chinese version, while Delphy prediction markets v1.0 will also give MyToken users a channel to enjoy the fun of predicting the outcomes of World Cup games.

Bo Wang, Founder and CEO of Delphy said: “We want to thank our amazing community for their support that has attributed to our successful launch, this positive adoption resonates in the ethos of ‘wisdom of crowd’. By drawing on the collective experience and knowledge of our users, Delphy can make predictions about some of the most important events of our time.”

Additionally, Delphy announced numerous prediction markets set-up for the much-awaited  FIFA World Cup 2018. Delphy channels the wisdom of the crowd to make data-driven predictions about future outcomes of the 2018 FIFA World Cup. Users who correctly predict the outcomes of events will be rewarded.  

The Delphy Token (DPY Token) powering the platform is available on the leading global cryptocurrency exchange, OKEX, and Cybex which and can be purchased using Bitcoin or Ethereum.

About Delphy

Delphy is a mobile prediction market platform built on the Ethereum platform. Delphy uses market incentives to allow participants to transparently communicate with each other to discuss and share the outcome of upcoming events whilst effectively predicting the future. Our decentralized platform makes it difficult to manipulate prediction results. Delphy incentivizes its platform users with rewards for correctly predicting future events. Delphy endeavours to eliminate uncertainty in forecasting and predicting outcomes.

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