Cryptics Announces Its AI Prediction Solution

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Every now and then, there is news in papers or television about a person who had bought bitcoin or other rising cryptocurrencies in the past when it was worth much less than today — and now that lucky person is a millionaire. This also has worked in reverse for many people who bought cryptos at a higher price, and now their investment is mostly lost due to plunging prices.

Cryptocurrency Volatility

Instant winners and losers may be few and far between in the world of cryptocurrency. The real people who take advantage are traders and serious investors who bank on the volatility of the market. Cryptocurrencies are highly volatile in prices as compared to fiat due to a number of factors:

  • Cryptocurrencies are not geo-specific. Any news about a specific rule, new law or news from a single country or region affects that currency all over the world.
  • Different countries have different rules and regulations, or give different rulings about cryptocurrencies. This causes a lot of instability in the market as international trading is severely affected.
  • FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out), FUD (Fear, Uncertainty, Doubt) and HODL (Slang on the term “hold”) are few of terms that define how thousands of traders, who may or may not have the insight of trading like experienced ones and follow trends. These players in the market make decisions that cascade down in trading, making trading very unpredictable when compared to fiat forex trading.

Cryptics’ Solution: Put An AI Incharge

Cryptics is a trading information guidance system that helps traders and investors make informed decisions on whether to buy or sell cryptocurrencies, through the use of its advanced Artificial Intelligence. Like seasoned people, the AI predicts the immediate future of cryptocurrencies through accounting for a number factors, information sources, analyzing possible trends, past reactions of the market, different exchange rates, constant check on news about Blockchain projects and processes it all through its refined and complicated algorithms.

This results in a prediction that is far more accurate than what its human counterparts can give (currently it gives 70% accuracy for Ethereum) and does this in much less time than people can do.

Cryptics AI reportedly grows stronger and more accurate by the day. Each new piece of information and data it receives allows it to make a better profile and over time, it is expected that it will exceed far more than any human-based prediction model.

Accessing Cryptics AI

Cryptics, being a blockchain platform itself, gives services of the AI by allowing people to pay through its internal, Ethereum-based ERC20 standard token, the QRP. By paying for it, people have access to the advance prediction and modeling of the AI and will be given a better data on how the value of their cryptocurrency will change in the coming days, giving them an edge on successful trading.

The AI is an output of hundreds of hours of programming by the best people in the AI, neural net and crypto trading business. The result is an algorithm-driven program that theoretically has a higher, precise and a more accurate prediction than anything else in the market today.

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