Cryptfunder Announce Plans to Nature Blockchain Startup, Token Sale

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A new technology has come to stay, paving a new path in man and machine co-relationship while leaving a reality of disruption in its wake. Blockchain is man’s greatest technology after the Internet. However, the adoption of the technology is still widely debated and vaguely understood despite standing at the precipice of a revolution.

With bitcoin as the beginning of the blockchain revolution, this technology has continued to grow into diverse areas of applicability, ushering an unparalleled level of transparency, accountability, and security through the use of the smart contracts in consonance with the blockchain technology. Employing this technology, several startups are offering solutions that have been carefully structured to fit into this modern society and iron out some unbecoming wrinkle. But how can these sprout of tokenized offering receive due recognitions that will prompt and promote the funding of their initiatives? Cryptfunder is the answer to this challenge.

Funding the Next Generation of Innovations

Positioning itself as the new face of funding, Cryptfunder, has set out to fund and support remarkable and innovative Blockchain-powered startups and token offerings. This decentralized funding source is creating a novel channel for thousands of startups to receive support in funding for the successful realization and sustenance of their enterprising inventions.  

Most startups are often in need of funds from the onset to market, publicize, engage, and even incentivize those critically tentative first steps. This is usually the crucial stage that will determine the success of any platform.

“We’re here to be the funding source for startup ICOs that every blockchain project desperately needs today, through our provided crypto-capital at pivotal points of the ICO startup building phase, the now fully funded ICO or blockchain company can now fully realize its goals and dreams, enabling delivery of their new, disruptive technology.” CEO of Cryptofunder, Kevin Sarisky stated

Cryptfunder will become a critical contributor to the development of these unique innovations, providing them with required resources for their pre and post token sale offering. The platform’s stauch support will help kick-start these budding projects, selected for their unrivalled visions and technical soundness. The Cryptofunder will help solidify overall technology to sustain success. The sourcing platform will work with expert analysts to carefully pick and prune projects with values and quality.

“We selected Ethereum as a try and tested blockchain with an infallible track record, an increasing volume of tokens in circulation, and a transparent approach to their 100% verified crypto-community” continued Kevin. “From the start of Cryptfunder’s inception, we wanted this to be a valuable platform that all community members can trust and believe in the vision, the growth and success of the token”

CFND Token Sale

Cryptfunder has also announced the token sale of its native token CFND for the enhancement of its ecosystem. Scheduled to launch on May 25th, 2018, 9pm UTC and end on July 8th, 2018, 9pm UTC, 20,000,000 out of 40,000,000 will be offered to the public at an initial value of 0.003 ETH per CFND.

Contributors to the event will be eligible for generous bonuses based on their early participation in the event. The bonus is structured as follow:

May 25th – May 29th: 15% Bonus

May 30th – June 3rd: 10% Bonus

June 4th – June 8th: 5% Bonus

June 9th – June 13th: 2% Bonus

June 14th – July 8th: Standard ICO Rate

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