FOLLOW THESE STEPS: If you are trying to get your money out of Coinbase and back into your bank account then follow these steps:

1. If your money is stuck in your fiat wallet in Coinbase you first need to re-buy Bitcoin or Ethereum (yes a pain I know but you can transfer coins out of coinbase, it’s having actual cash in your fiat wallet that’s the problem)

2. Go to BitPanda: and sign up – It’s dead easy

3. Transfer your coins out of Coinbase and over to your Bitpanda wallet

4. Click on ‘sell’ and follow the steps

5. Your money will be paid directly into your bank account


Official link for BitPanda: (They will pay us both a small bonus if you use my referral link – It’s not much but will but your withdrawal fee so it’s worth using it).

I earn a couple of bucks and so do you if you use my referral link above and it doesn’t cost you a penny but helps me out a little. Thanks 🙂 Bitpanda is the easiest and fastest way to convert your Bitcoin into fiat and get your money back into your bank account with no fuss!

If you have money stuck in Coinbase and want to know how to get your money out and back into your bank account quickly and easily then this video will show you how.

Coinbase are very good at making it easy to deposit money, but when it comes time to getting your money out it’s next to impossible! If you feel like coinbase has stolen your money and you need help getting it back simply follow the instructions in this video and you’ll have your coins out of coinbase and money back into your bank account in no time at all!

There are millions of people in the UK and the rest of the world that need help getting my money out of coinbase! They are the biggest cryptocurrency app with the worst customer service. I appreciate that they have grown quickly but IT’S OUR MONEY!!!! If they make it easy to deposit money in Coinbase but make it next to impossible to withdraw, they simply don’t care about their customers that much!

They should be doing everything they can to bring on new customer support staff and give us back our money rather than pass us around and mug us off. Sort it out Coinbase!

If this has helped you I would very much appreciate if you join BitPanda using my referral link:

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