Breaking the Chains of Colonialism

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It is very common for resource-rich nations, which once were under colonial rule, to remain poor even after freeing themselves from the superpowers that subjugated them. A look to the south of the equator serves as a reminder that although a country might be wealthy in resources doesn’t necessarily translate into wealth for its citizens.

There are many theories that try to explain this phenomena, such as political corruption, lack of investment to ensure sustainable growth and lack of the necessary technology to fully exploit their riches. The latter is the bigger culprit due to the fact that underdeveloped nations don’t have the needed technology to fully extract their riches without needing the help of a more developed nation. So though colonial rule might have come to end, the unseen chains of colonialism are still intact.

The Atlantis Blue Project has launched an asset based token on the stellar network which incorporates the semi-precious gem called Larimar. They aim to prove that the digitization of an asset can better serve a community than the invitation of a super power to help them exploit it. The math doesn’t lie. When a country or small community is able to independently run their extraction operations, the funds generated by the sale of the exploited resources will all remain at the local level.

Blockchain technology has made this possible. The Atlantis blue digital tokens can be found on the Stellar Decentralized Exchange. Someone that purchases the token is not only investing in his or her portfolio, but also in the community that mines the beautiful gems of Larimar. It provides them the financial backing needed to increase mining capabilities and avoid becoming dependent of a more developed nation that would have taken a percentage of the entire operation.

Thanks to the sale of Atlantis Blue Digital Tokens (ABDT) on the stellar network, the project has been able to gain enough funds to engage in an international marketing campaign of Larimar and accumulate enough funds to almost double mining operations in the course of two weeks. We can only dream of where this community will be in a not so distant tomorrow.

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