BnkToTheFuture Platform to Launch Securities Trading Market and BFT Token Sale

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KPMG estimates that in just the first quarter of 2017, the global investment in fintech companies hit US$3.2 billion. Blockchain companies and financial technology are changing the financial landscape of our world. In order to stay on top of these dynamic developments there is an urgent need for an online investment platform that is compliance-driven as the regulatory environment unfolds. With ICO funding hitting USD 800 mln in Q2 2017, there is also a need for a mechanism that lets investors channel funds to quality ICOs which have passed due diligence and compliance review.

BnkToTheFuture, an online investment platform, announced in November 2017 that it plans to start a secondary market for securities tokens. The company already built the largest online investment platform for investing in this sector and has experience of investing in successful financial technology companies such as ShapeShift, BitPay, Kraken, BitStamp, BitFinex and many others. As an online investment platform, they have already created the largest community of over 55,000 professional and accredited investors investing in FinTech, Bitcoin and Blockchain companies. Over USD$270 mln in funding rounds has been listed on BnkToTheFuture’s investment platform already.

Scaling up to the future now

The investment platform’s success and the industries need for Compliance has meant that BnkToTheFuture needs to scale up and meet the growing needs of its users. The launch of BnkToTheFuture’s  BF  Token (BFT) through a successful token sale is a step in that direction and will facilitate expansion and roll out. The pre-sale of BFT, which has already ended, generated USD 30 mln and was held in a transparent manner with no bonuses or discounts offered to anybody. The BFT token sale, whose whitelisting ends on February 13, 2018 allows for purchases on a first come, first served basis. It will be possible to purchase between 10,000 – 100,000 BFT maximum, at US$0.10 per token paid in ETH only. 30 mln BFT are available in the main sale. It is expected that after the successful token sale, the securities trading part of their existing platform will start trading as early as the third quarter of 2018. The Chief Executive and Co-founder of BnkToTheFuture Simon Dixon in a phone interview to Bloomberg revealed, “By year-end, we could have a large percent of the major companies in the sector on our platform.”

Fairness is in the process

BnkToTheFuture is known for focusing on Bitcoin and Blockchain investments and being compliance-driven. Of course many companies will fail, but many of the most valuable companies in the industry have received investment from BnkToTheFuture including ShapeShift, BitFinex, BitStamp, Kraken and over 100 others. Sir Richard Branson, founder of the Virgin group put it plainly, “I like the goals of BnkToTheFuture where everything is open and transparent and people can see what happens with their money.” In order to make the token sale equally transparent and fair they have come up with an elaborate whitelisting process. Only purchases  that have been suitably whitelisted can participate in the token sale. The whitelisting process includes submitting an ETH address for which the purchaser holds the private key. The price of ETH will be hard coded into the smart contract a day ahead of the sale, which would lessen the impact of volatility in ETH and also ensure that participants and the issuer get a fair deal.

Securities market opens new vistas

The formation of a secondary market to trade securities tokens would open up new horizons for the blockchain and fintech sector. BnkToTheFuture’s prpoposed Blockchain-based platform for trading aims to ensure a higher degree of transparency and verifiability. We have already seen the popularity of cryptocurrencies and initial coin offerings simply by adding liquidity to markets. What has been missing largely has been an element of compliance with securities laws. BnkToTheFuture have a proven track record of investment in this arena and have demonstrated expertise in making the right choices. This new platform is a logical extension and brings accessibility to more investors with the aim to bring ICO-stycle liquidity to the securities token market.

Whitelisting can be compiled here before February 13th 2018.

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