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Bloomberg Hosts “The Future of Cryptocurrencies” - The BlockChain Feed

Bloomberg Hosts “The Future of Cryptocurrencies”

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Bitcoin Press Release: On June 29, 2018, Bloomberg will host a half-day, invitation-only “The Future of Cryptocurrencies” event at Bloomberg’s offices in the heart of London, England.

June 15th, 2018. Lugano, Switzerland. The event will focus on the future of cryptocurrencies, where subject-matter experts and leading industry players from the virtual currency market will discuss crypto’s regulatory future, the factors driving its volatility and potential trading strategies. More than 200 industry executives, including attendees from such global giants as UBS, Societe Generale and IBM to name a few, are expected to attend.

Bloomberg’s “The Future of Cryptocurrencies” is sponsored by trade.io and is the first event exclusively focused on cryptocurrencies produced by Bloomberg Live.

Event speakers include:
John Patrick Mullin, trade.io
Ajit Tripathi, Partner, ConsenSys
Mona El Isa, Melonport, CEO & Co-founder
Oliver con Landsberg-Sadie, BCB Group CEO
Nic Niedermowwe, Prime Factor Capital Co-Founder & CEO
Stijn Vander Straeten, CEO, Crypto Storage Ag

With opening remarks from:
Jim Preissler, trade.io

When: Friday, June 29th, 8:30-1:00pm GMT
Where: Bloomberg Headquarters, 3 Queen Victoria Street, London

Jim Preissler, trade.io’s CEO, said:

“Bloomberg’s involvement in this event illustrates how crypto and blockchain are becoming more and more accepted by mainstream finance.”  

“There will be many interesting, thought-provoking panels which will include an opening remark from our CEO Jim Preissler, as well as our Director of Research & Development, John Patrick Mullin,” said Helen Astaniou, trade.io’s Chief Marketing Officer.  We view this as a great opportunity to both showcase trade.io’s industry knowledge and technology and bring a greater understanding of the cryptocurrency and blockchain industry and how it can coexist with, and even enhance, traditional finance and the financial markets.”

For more information and the full agenda, visit: 

About trade.io
trade.io is a next generation financial institution based on blockchain technology, and providing the ultimate in security and transparency via its flagship product the trade.io exchange as well as its highly sought after Token Sale Consulting Services and Angel Investment Program. trade.io successfully completed its Token Sale in January 2018 and raised over 31 million USD from loyal participants and community members who want greater transparency in the financial markets.

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Media Contact
Name: Helen Astaniou
Email: [email protected]

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