Bitcoin News Portal Announces Its Expert Members Club

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The Bitcoin economy has not only boosted the fintech sector but it has also allowed room for bloggers, social media personalities and newsrooms to flourish. There are many top-of-the-line cryptocurrency news outlets that are useful for traders, investors and general crypto enthusiasts for analyzing the future of the decentralized space. is one of the top crypto blogs in the world with over 250,000 views per month. The magazine mostly deals with fintech, Bitcoin and blockchain news, and has recently announced the opening of its exclusive members club for crypto enthusiasts and experts around the world.

The Industry Red Carpet

With Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies, it is usually the top voices that seem to matter in the magazines and smaller, possibly more promising voices are often ignored. is offering a rare opportunity for everyone involved in the cryptocurrency space to become a well-known source in the crypto circles like the ones we like to hear from week in week out.

The members club is going to be like a competition of minds and ideas in the crypto space. Just being in the club doesn’t qualify one of being a crypto expert. All the contributions from the members are scrutinized by the Coinidol team and they approve only the best of the best among them. There is also a strict code of ethics that members have to adhere to in there contributions and promotional wording, etc will be subject to censorship and membership possibly canceled.

Coinidol CEO George So had this to say over the argument between trust and money:

“We keep our ethics. That’s why we do not change anything in our official editorial policy. We refuse publication of any advertising inside editorial articles. If you want to publish any advertising, the only way to do that is to order an official sponsored article, marked with the disclaimer “paid advertising”.

Members’ Club Exclusive Privileges

While becoming a member of the experts members club requires a small payment that is one-time, by no means the club is restricted to just people who are ready to dole out some money to be recognized in the cryptocurrency space. To fight scammers and promoters and to keep the quality of the material top notch, all applicants will have to chat with the editorial team and tell them what proves them to be a valuable addition to the club and what they will bring to the table.

Advantages of Being in the Club

Once selected, the members can then submit articles with their own quotes and feature up to ten articles per month. This will provide those looking for recognition in the cryptocurrency circles access to 250,000 targeted viewers per month from over 174 countries around the world. The best of these quotes will even be incorporated into official pieces of

Membership can be purchased from any Bitcoin PR Buzz Account Manager, by emailing [email protected]

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